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We have access to God through our relationship with Jesus Christ; and knowing our position in Christ. Establishing a relationship with Christ, reading the word of God with prayer, develops more intimacy. Prayer is the key that will open the doors of heaven and door opens through prayer. People are taken over by personal strongholds. Many are at war. You are a POW of spiritual war. Drug addiction (Flesh has been captured. No matter how much you try, you cannot let it go. Some are co-dependent. Some entered into the Christian faith by abuse. Scars left on your body and on your soul. Some have private strongholds and we cover them. They have stronghold of the mind like sexual addiction. We say were not going to watch the show but we are captured by the mind. Stronghold is a mindset that we accept something that captures you and you have no way out. Christians have been duped. That there is no way out. Your battle is against angels. People cannot make a stronghold; they can encourage you but they can set it up for yourself. You cannot get rid of it because (John 3:3 say, what is flesh is flesh and what is spirit is spirit). The TV just sets us up but the battle is our battle. It’s spiritual. You cannot fight a spiritual battle using the flesh.

1. Remember your position in Christ. That statement can set you free. If you don’t remember your position in Christ, you are seated with Christ. Eph. 2:6 He has raised us up in Christ. You have been elevated your position in Christ. That is Col 3:1 If you have been raised with Christ, set your mind on the things above where Christ is. Set your mind on heavenly solution, If your mind is set on an earthly solution, then you won’t be to get a heavenly response. Jesus Christ is not down here. He is enthroned in heaven. For in Christ, you have been made complete. He made a public display of them. Colossians 2:9, Jesus already beat the devil. The devil and the demons are the source of your problems. Your position in Christ, (raised with him and seated with him in the heavenly places) gives you legal authority over the angelic realm. Jesus Christ has granted you legal authority so you can tell them they don’t have rights. You have legal authority over Satan because Jesus has been you free. Satan doesn’t want you to remember you have legal rights in heaven. Don’t forget you have the right to say to Satan he is a liar. You have legal rights in heaven. He must respond to Christ. The power you use you have legal flag from Jesus.

2. While you remember your position, you must use God’s provision. Submit to God. This whole battle is about grace. He gives greater grace that what mess you’re in. I was abused, I was misused. He has an over flow supply of greater grace to overcome the situation. You’re not submitted to yourself, you are not submitted to God. Two sides of submit: Surrender and commit yourself. Commitment cannot work without (Surrender says I am not able to live up to your expectations). We say I will. I have the power to. I am unable to fulfil the mess I have gotten myself into. Once you surrender, then you commit. I trust in you to do this for me. I know you can help me because I cannot do it by myself. I commit myself to you to do can’t do. Philippians 2:5-6 for it God’s will. They Reviewed their position in Christ (Surrender) and then Reviewed their (submission) to Christ. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

3. Humble yourself to God. Draw near to God. Repent of your Sin. Call a sin a sin. We make mistakes. Jesus died for sin not for mistakes. Everybody else is to blame but it doesn’t stop your responsibilities. God opposes the pride where you messed up. You remind him of Satan (too proud to say I have sinned).

4. Resist the Devil (2 Peter 2:5). Submit yourself to God and then resist the devil and he will flee from you. Eating your family, your children, your finances, etc. After you suffered for a while, he will firmly establish you. Only one way to resist the devil. Jesus said “it is written” The word has to be in your heart. And spoken word of God. Back I have been raised in Christ. I am going to set my mind above. And Satan will leave you. David said “All I saw God yesterday and you know God can do it today. Jesus has been tempted like we have. We need more grace.


Everyone is in a family or is close to a family that is falling apart. Whether it is a husband and wife relationship that has become paralyzed. Whether it’s children who are living rebelliously. Or whether it’s a generational curse that you are under. Reaping the harvest of things your own father did, because you have fallen in line by their way of thinking and acting. or you have been so stamped, by their impact on your life, that you have brought those problems into your family and things that you said you would never do because your father and mother did them, you find yourself doing.

Perhaps it is a stronghold of a blended family where you have brought your kids or they brought their kids and you’ve tried to work things out; but the influence of the other mates that you are no longer with or the resistance of the new parent by your kids or trying to adapt to one another; while at the same time while you try to adapt to different sets of children can create strongholds. Vice grips on the relationship that keep from it being what God intended. Yet you go to church every week and hear the word of God, the strongholds seem to only disappear for a moment. So you want to throw on the towel because you don’t see how you will be released from this stronghold. The principal is clear. Only spiritual weapons can defeat spiritual strongholds.

1. What is the cause of family strongholds? Genesis, chapter 3. The deterioration of the first family, Adam was caused or initiated by an Angel. The angel, Satan disrupted the first home for Satan is an angel. He came and he visited the first family and caused spiritual deterioration which led to relational deterioration. It wasn’t his relationship first that went bad, between human beings that went bad. it was their relationship with god that went bad. And it worked itself out in the human environment. So we can trace the first family breakup to an angel.

2. We can trace every family break up in its root to an angel. Because Satan’s premier goal next to destroying you, is the destruction of your family. The first way Satan got control of the family, he caused reversal of Biblical roles and Biblical responsibilities. Chapter 3:1-6 Women’s liberation. You don’t need God and you don’t need Adam. He used role reversal and caused Even to act independently of God. This is foundation of the murder of siblings. Satan went to Eve. He told her two things. You don’t need God and you don’t need Adam. He got her to think in terms of independence.

3. Satan had an open door. Adam heard Eve’s conversation with Satan but he didn’t do anything about it. Adam became the passive one in the home. Eve took over the relationship. Whenever roles are reversed in a relationship, we set up the context whereby Satan can enter your home. The failure of eve to stay in her role and the failure of Adam to remain in his role, opened up the door for Satan to take over the family. They were ashamed of one another and both passed the blame to Eve and it’s his fault. The woman says its not my fault. No one wanted to own up to the sin. Conflict in the home: Men would seek to dominate women and the desire for relationship would become a battle rather than an automatic blessing. If he wasn’t like this I wouldn’t be like that. Instead of coming home to serve his wife, he would want to be served. And that became a conflict in home. Men would control woman through domination (wrong as it is). The desire of woman for relationship or partnership would be a battle. But God acted kindly when God removed them from the garden of Eden. If God would have eaten the apple they would have been locked into their sin.

4. The cause of all family strongholds is angelic infiltration. Satan knows brings a stronghold into your home. He uses whichever means to bring a conflict in the home: through the flesh, world, your past, etc. Conflict with children, parents and each other. Everybody else have to pay for it.

5. Satan uses unresolved anger to bring division and discord into your home. Ephesians 4: 25. He used unresolved Anger. Prolonged anger will destroy families. For Satan uses Anger that has not gotten help to address. You must treat unresolved anger and brings it back to your mind again. You cannot eject the memory but not replay it. You must release the offender. Whenever you forgive them, Satan wants to continue to replay that anger. You put the name of Jesus to eject the memories.

6. Satan uses rebellion to destroy the family. Means to go against God’s order of authority. 2 Peter 2: 4. If God did not spare Angels and the people during Noah’s times, it applies to everyone. Wherever there is rebellion about God’s legitimate chain of command, there is judgement and not God’s help. Men, don’t blame God if your family is falling apart. When women don’t respect her husband’s position, don’t blame God if deterioration sets in your home. When women rebel against her husband in worship (asserting her independence by removing her covering, 1st Corinthians) she rebelled or insulted their husband in the midst of the angels. If this woman was reflecting rebellion in her heart (women who do not submit under the leadership or her husband) will not receive angelic assistance. Because God provides help through the ministry of angels. God always operates by his order of command. When you insult angels because you do not respect authority, God will not provide assistance with the needs in her life and/or with your husband. Exodus 20, kids could be cursed to the 3rd generations in a series of rebelling against God’s authority. We not only mess up our own home when we disobey God’s authority.

7. Satan uses Selfishness to destroy the marriage. 1 Corinthians 7. The men are so selfish and the woman would be so selfish. You just said Satan you are welcome in my home. When husbands and wives go for weeks without talking to each other. The Devil has an open door You don’t have to open the door, mother’s and father’s affect families you want to get rid of your husband,

8. What is the Cure for Family Strongholds? What are you trying? You have to have the right weapon. A lot of women use the girlfriends on the phone. Coll 3:16 must have the word of God in your life. Wives be in subjection to the Lord. Honor your husband’s headship. Honor their divinely given position. Sara called her husband Lord and she got a miracle. God miraculously in her life. 1 Peter 3: When a woman acts badly towards their position, even if he’s doing a bad job. Husband have attitudes against their wives. Men, what are you sacrificing for your wife? At the end of the day, have you put more into her life. If you only make withdrawals, don’t be surprised if you make regular withdrawals there is nothing in the bank. Children must honor their parents. Parents, encourage your children. Correct them when they are wrong but encourage them. Put salt in his oats. If we put salt in their lives and then they will be hungry for relationships. Fight for your family. Some of us have not gone to war. We must God’s weapons, he will save a home that is not salvage able. Nehemiah 17.



Psalm 37:4

Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.:)

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