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Friends, a lot of people ask me about how to understand the Book of Revelation. However, in order to understand the Book of Revelation, you have to begin with the Book of Daniel.


The Book of Daniel Chapter 2 talks about the King of Babylon having a dream that bothered him. Daniel was the only one able to tell him his dream and then interpret the dream. The King's dream was about the Future.


Daniel was one of the King's Israeli servant who interpreted the King's dream. Daniel explained the king's prophetic dream in detail. There would be 5 kingdoms which would be prominent in the world before Jesus would return to the earth. Four kingdoms in the prophecy were fulfilled in the past. However, the last kingdom, The Holy Roman Empire, today called E.U. (European Union) was established in the year that the Berlin Wall came down (1989) and confirmed on the day the European Union countries signed their treaty (2007). The E.U. now has one economic system, one government and one Court system. The dream ended with the last Kingdom being overcome by a better Kingdom. The Rock (Jesus) which hit the leg of the statue; and toppled and conquered the whole human government system. Today, we are living in the time before Jesus' second return, the king who will reign from Jerusalem forever.


Psalm 37:4

Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.:)

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