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Prayer Calendar

This prayer Calendar is meant to encourage people to trust and exalt God through prayer & intercession. 1 Timothy 2:1-2  I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.

Tue. 7/17 All day PRAY FOR THE NATIONS: ASIA, ASIA MINOR, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN, PHILIPPINES, KOREA AND INDIA PRAY FOR THE NATIONS: ASIA, ASIA MINOR, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN, PHILIPPINES, KOREA AND INDIA Lord today we pray that the people and leaders in all the nations of the world come to love Jesus Christ; seek His will and purpose for their nation. Lord, raise... more
12:00 PM Prayerforstatetoday: Oregon, Kansas
Wed. 7/18 All day PRAY FOR ORPHANS AND WIDOWS PRAY FOR ORPHANS AND WIDOWS Lord, we pray for Widows and Orphans everywhere so hungry and hurting. We pray for their parents, whether living or deceased; and that God will heal them from physical, mental, and spiritual ailments. Pray that Christi... more
12:00 PM Prayerforstatetoday: West Virginia, Nevada
Thu. 7/19 10:00 AM PRAY FOR MORE YOUTH AND TEENS PRAYER TEAMS PRAY FOR MORE YOUTH AND TEENS PRAYER TEAMS Lord, we pray for children, teens and youth everywhere who have accepted the Lord Jesus as their savior. Call them to read their bible every day, pray and learn the 10 commandments. Let the youth rise up a... more
12:00 PM Prayerforstatetoday: Nebraska, Colorado
Fri. 7/20 All day PRAY FOR BUSINESSES AND EMPLOYMENT Pray that business owners will turn to Jesus Christ for wisdom in every day decisions. Pray for the owners of Companies will Honor God with the tithe and give back to their communities. Pray for the 9% of people who are looking for work. Show them... more
All day ADULT PRAYER TEAM Lord today we pray for America, its leaders and its people. We pray there will be a great awakening in this land. We pray that political leaders will unite, take the call of our scriptures seriously and act prophetically for justice: Pray for our C... more
12:00 PM Prayerforstatetoday: North Dakota, South Dakota
Sat. 7/21 9:00 AM PRAY FOR PEOPLE STRUGGLING WITH ADDICTIONS, MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES AND TRAUMA People suffer from addictions, mental health issues, suicide, brokenness and despair, genetic illness or trauma. Pray that the Lord Jesus will replace light for darkness, courage for fear and hope for despair and replace wisdom for confusion, forgive... more
12:00 PM Prayerforstatetoday: Montana, Washington
Sun. 7/22 All day PRAY FOR VIOLENCE TO DECREASE IN THE WORLD Lord, today we pray for the women and children in every country who live under the fear of violence right in their own homes. We pray for your protection, and a way of escape from violence. We pray that violence will decrease in the world; violen... more
12:00 PM Prayerforstatetoday: Idaho, Wyoming
Mon. 7/23 All day PRAY FOR ALL NATIONS: AFRICA, MIDDLE EAST, EUROPEAN UNION AND CHINA AND RUSSIA PRAY FOR ALL NATIONS: AFRICA, MIDDLE EAST, EUROPEAN UNION, CHINA AND RUSSIA Lord today we pray for AFRICA, MIDDLE EAST, EUROPEAN UNION, CHINA AND RUSSIA. We pray that the people and leaders will humble themselves, honor the Lord Jesus Christ and ... more
12:00 PM Prayerforstatetoday: Utah, Oklahoma
Tue. 7/24 All day PRAY FOR IDOL WORSHIPERS, ALTERNATIVE LIFE-STYLES Lord, today we pray that people will worship and serve God wholeheartedly, rejecting any idol worship and alternative lifestyles made by man. We pray for people who feel powerless and confused about their relationships. We pray they will turn their... more
12:00 PM Prayerforstatetoday: Arizona, New Mexico
Wed. 7/25 All day PRAY FOR CHRISTIAN PROFESSIONALS Today, we pray that God will send more Christian professionals into secular agencies and they will be examples to the people they serve and people they work with. We pray that they will have freedom to share the love of Jesus with their clients and p... more
12:00 PM Prayerforstatetoday: New Mexico
Thu. 7/26 All day PRAY FOR HOSPITAL MINISTRIES We pray for the sick, whether it be minor ailments, chronic illness or life threatening disease. We believe in Jesus' ability to heal the sick and those suffering from mental or emotional illness. We affirm that freedom from infirmities, sickness and... more
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